ANTIQUATED FURNITURE Commissioned Furniture

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Commissioning a unique piece of furniture should be a wonderful process; one that allows you to own something entirely individual and, in the process, help to maintain the rich tradition of furniture design. We do commission work on a variety of furniture and woodwork.

Upholstery Service

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Reupholstery is a great way to keep history alive and reduce our impact on the environment. The beautiful thing about reupholstery is that you get to choose every detail about how your project is done making it uniquely yours. High quality furniture is worth the investment of reupholstery as it will very likely cost less than replacing the piece with new of equivalent quality.


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Furniture restoration is a process during which a certain furniture piece is being cleaned or repaired in order to preserve its functionality and original look. Furniture restoration can provide numerous benefits. One of them is that it saves time and money compared to buying completely new furniture. If you have a piece that needs too be brought back to its former glory…


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We understand that furnishing your dream home can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you see something that you love, but you have no idea where to find it. That is why we have our furniture and accessories services that will satisfy all your needs related to interiors in the style of retro, vintage and other styles.