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Antiquade  Studio strives for enduring and elegant products which are mindful and meet the modern Zeitgeist in a courageous way. Using natural raw materials, striking colors and bold shapes we create mood and atmosphere.


At Antiquade we work with a holistic view of sustainability. Our entire process of creation is soaked with the fundamental concept of creating fascinating objects with ethical value. For us, working sustainably also entails sharing the vision and enhancing sensitivity in order to elevate the consumer’s perception of craftsmanship and artisanship.

Our products are the result of a process characterized by formative research work and conception to the close cooperation with local manufacturers. At the heart of our business lies the approach ‘form follows meaning’. For this reason we strive to further ethical aesthetics and believe that the close correlation of the two constitutes a crucial base for extraordinary and timeless design.

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We believe designing entails responsibility. The thoughtfully considered the choice of materials for an object is one of the most essential tasks in the process of designing.

The use of ecological resources is just as important to us as striving for implementing material innovations and developing natural alternatives for common industrial manufacturing processes.

We believe in sustainability and are dedicated to solid craftsmanship work together with people who are practicing their jobs with passion­­ — just as we do.