About Us

Sylwia Malinowska grew up in the country, in a beautiful small village surrounded by forests, it was the love for nature that shaped her, but it was not an easy way because she lost her rhythm many times along the way.  Today she knows that everything must be born out of love because only then can we create beauty. Love is born out of love.

She is a therapist, poet and Interior Designer, each of these ways has taught her that we are here to help each other, to share what is most beautiful in us.  It is necessary to do your best and pass it on.

Be here on Earth, on our beautiful planet, and help each other.

Create and share what we can – and that’s what antiquated is about.

The combination of these passions gave rise to her company.  The ability to see the beauty in ugliness and give it a spirit so that it can bring joy – and all in respect for nature.

The Beginning


The company was founded in 2013 by Sylwia Malinowska. It is a combination of passion for creation, love and respect for nature.


The story of Antiquade begins a long time ago when a little girl is looking at the hands of her mother who saves abandoned objects and gives them a new shape.  She is no longer there, but through her own hands she saves furniture and the world. Bringing beauty to what does not seem to be beautiful.


At the beginning there are memories, smell, touch, slowly moving images – life, the Passion is born slowly, blossoms and delicately, unnoticeably, silently turns into missions.


2018 is a year of change, transformation and very deep love for the world, a time when antiquated awakens anew, drawing knowledge from nature, plants, people and passing it on.


2019 is a time of working together, Antiuated wants to connect all the people for whom this place in which we live is close to them. This is a time of sharing knowledge because only then can we create beauty, be together, learn from each other in the name of love and respect for nature.