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Nature gives us life and joy. We want to give back and protect it. We are aware that in order to reduce our negative impact on the environment, we have to make decisions, act, produce and consume in a way that supports that ideal. We believe in a strong future of circular economyy.

Our passion for ethical fashion makes us enjoy the challenge of creating something new out of what is considered as waste by others.

Antiquated is a creative space connecting people, ideas and resources for greener living.

If you would prefer to have a bigger influence on the style and type of furniture, you can order it. We will find it for you and decorate it according to your suggestions and preferred style.

Maybe you have a piece of furniture that is still useful but it seems boring and without character. We can reanimate it, put new life into it and make it please your eyes once again. If so, contact us.

Maybe you are carrying inside yourself a future soul of unwanted furniture, used doors or some other forgotten object. Perhaps, inside your head, there is awaiting for new life a future of greatness. If you care about trees, love natural wood and like to exercise your mind or simply need help at letting your imagination work, let us know.

We believe that beauty can be found in what may, at first glance, appear to be a humble and ‘throw away’ item of furniture or decor; that such beauty can be a part of what helps us live happily and peacefully with respect for our natural environment.

We think about you as not just a customer, not simply a purchaser but as a co-creator.

Antiquated Philosophy

Antiquated was created out of love for nature. In this crazy world crushed by the burden of being enslaved by the system, we have forgotten that we are a part of nature, one beautiful organism that we should take care of just as we take care of ourselves.

Antiquated wants to give back to our planet at least a little of what it gives us every day. We believe in the committed beauty that respects our planet and people. Man is not the highest in the hierarchy of creatures on Earth, so we should not consider ourselves the masters of the universe who can impose their will.

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